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Ponytails Book Reviews picks Giving Up the Ghost as one of its Top Ten Favorite Reads for 2011! See the list here.

Giving Up the Ghost gets 4 Cups from Cafe of Dreams. "Giving Up the Ghost is a multidimensional story that weaves itself around the reader from the beginning until the very end, sending them on a harrowing emotional journey complete with empathy, suspense and sizzle." Read the review here.

Dreadful Tales says Giving Up the Ghost " a truly terrifying, sexy little read that will leave you gasping for more...and will go down as my favorite piece of Paranormal Romance/Eortica ever." Read the review here!

The Romance Reviews makes Giving Up the Ghost one of its Top Picks. "Melissa Ecker brews up some great mojo in this book...a riveting story that you just can't put down." Read the 5 Star review here!

"Giving Up the Ghost is a thrilling romantic love story...I didn't want to put this down." Long and Short Reviews gives Giving Up the Ghost 4 Books! Read the complete review here!

"I think it's a testament to the author's skill as a writer, that this book had me swimming in tears within the first three chapters."  Giving Up the Ghost grabs 4 Stars from My Need to Read. Check out the full review here!

Ponytails Book Reviews rates Giving Up the Ghost with 5 Horseshoes! "I was unable to put down this book and I was emotionally exhausted by the end of it." Read the review here!

"Gripping and devastating..." Giving Up the Ghost garners 4 Hearts from Another Look Book Reviews. Read the awesome review here!

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind says Giving Up the Ghost is "both creepy and sexy, will ensure you keep reading until the climactic ending." Read the 4 Star review here!

Taken in Texas receives an "A" from BookingIt! "It is unusual for a short story to pull me in completely so I am emotionally involved in the plot, but Ms. Ecker succeeds with fantastic storytelling and compelling characters." Read the entire review for the Deep in the Heat of Texas anthology here!

Deep in the Heat of Texas garners 4 1/2 Flaming Hearts from Everybody Needs a Little Romance! Read the review here!

Jaded Wolf gives Pull the Trigger 5 Stars! "This book was hot, sexy and fun." Click here to read the rest!

Hanging with Bells gives 4 bells to all three books in the Seduction in Memory Grove Series! "I quickly became a fan of Melissa's work after reading this series and cannot wait to see what she has in store for us..." Read the complete review here

Come check out this review of Seduction in Memory Grove, a very cool Q&A and a contest that the wonderful Tigris Eden is hosting over on her blog!

Everybody Needs a Little Romance gives Pull the Trigger 4 Flaming Hearts! "The airport scene was one of my favorites, it was beautifully written and very touching."
  Read more here!

Books Complete Me says the Seduction in Memory Grove series "...can easily be described in three words: hot, Hot, HOT!" Read the complete review here!

Pull the Trigger gets 4 Hearts from Sizzling Hot Books! "Pull the Trigger is well written and the sex scenes are sizzling."  Complete review can be found here!

BookingIt gives Feed the Fire an "A."
"Olivia and Cade have a heartwarming, yet steamy, story that is thoroughly enjoyable. Recommended!" Full review is here!

Mount Up garners 4 Flaming Hearts from Everybody Needs a Little Romance. "I loved Mount Up by Melissa Ecker and can't wait to read the next installment in the Memory Grove series."
Read the full review here!

Pull the Trigger is given a "B+" by BookingIt. "Pull the Trigger is a sweet story with an erotic edge."
Read the review here!

Sizzling Hot Books rates Mount Up with 4 Hearts!
"Mount Up has real characters, with real issues, that are easy to relate to." Read the review here!

Feed the Fire gets 4 Flaming Hearts from Everybody Needs a Little Romance. "Feed the Fire is my favorite book in this series.  Read the review here!

Booking It gives Mount Up an "A."
"The story grabs the reader early on and moves at just the right pace...Mount Up is a fantastic entry in the Seduction of Memory Grove series." Full review here!

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